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I thought Jane might temper things out a bit. She seems at least a bit more responsible," Pepper agrees, her mouth thinning out to a line.

“Oh she is in her personal life,” Darcy concedes, “But you have to remember, Jane is Stark with a budget. She’s Ginger Rogers, anything Tony can do, she can figure out backwards and in heels and with only grant money.
From this adorable drabble by twistedingenue please go give her some love! (via fy-dr-janefoster)

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Darcy Lewis-Stark: Headcanon #3

To keep Darcy away from the dangers of the media, Tony converted his father’s office floor into a whole new comfortable home space. It is designed with a complete kitchen, bathroom, living room , library and bed room, all with a panoramic view of the Pacific. 

Darcy lived in that room away from public eyes for seven years and that’s where she was homeschooled by JARVIS. 

"Let’s make this room homely as possible. After all, Darcy will basically live here, you know, because of the whole Tony-Stark’s-daughter’s-existence-shrouded-in-secrecy thing?"

"Well, you can’t possibly trap her here for the rest of her life. Are you trying to make a new Disney Princess?"

"No way, Darcy is way too cool to be a Disney Princes. She’s a Stark Princess."